HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

MEP: What Does it mean?

MEP is an acronym for the set of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans that are associated with residential and commercial buildings. At Advanced Engineering Consultants, we provide high quality MEP plans that include:

  • HVAC Layouts
  • Electrical Plans and Lighting Schedules
  • Plumbing Design

Do you need an engineer that will provide these services? We are here to help. Call now at 813-444-7037.


Hvac design and load requirements

HVAC (Heating, Ventalation, and Cooling) is a system that heats and cools your residential and commercial space. At Advanced Engineering Consultants we will design the layout of your HVAC system in the most efficient manor. Through HVAC design, we can conduct:

  • HVAC Engineering Specifications
  • Load Requirements and Calculations
  • Duct and System Layout

light it up!

Lights can make or break your residential or commercial space. Without proper lightning, your project's quality design will never shine through!

At Advanced Engineering Consultants, we make sure we engineer lighting plans that brighten your residential or commercial development project to its fullest potential.

We are proud to offer the following lightning services at AEC to efficiently maximize your space with lights, fans, electrical outlets, etc:

  • Lighting Plans
  • Lighting Schedules
  • Load Calculations
  • Panel Sizing

We also work with companies to acquire designer quality lightning, allowing our clients almost unlimited options for their next project.


OUR plumbing design services

At Advanced Engineering Consultants, we make sure we engineer plumbing plans that exceed expectation while also staying within budget. We have a team of specialized mechanical engineers that take pride in designing efficient pipelines to meet your appliance's needs. Are you in need of a plumbing design or inspection? Call now at (813) 444-7037.

plumbing (1)

plumbing services we provide

Our engineers design high quality Residential and Commercial construction documents that inlcude:

  • Plumbing Layout Plans
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Plumbing Fixture Schedules
  • Plumbing Details

Advanced Engineering Consultants can also inspect your current plumbing plan by conducting a site consultation. One of our engineers will visit you at site, collect data, and take that info back to our office for further review. Looking to schedule a site consultation? Check out our Engineering Inspections tab for more information.

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isometrics and 3d design

Our company uses AutoCAD to create high quality plans, ranging from extremely complicated structural designs to something as small as a nail connection. One feature we use on AutoCAD is called isometrics. It allows us to visually represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in engineering drawings. We use it in plumbing designs like these to visually represent pipelines and other details for clients and contractors. This provides clarity, ultimately adding to the quality of design.