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Residential& Commercial Advanced Engineering Design Solutions in Tampa Bay & Central Florida

Advanced Engineering Consultants is here to simplify the engineering design process for land development and building development. By providing all the engineering services of development, we can reduce coordination errors. This allows for our designs to be thought out and have supreme quality. Instead of hiring separate civil engineering, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers, hire Advanced Engineering to fulfill all your engineering needs.

Commercial Engineering Design

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

From Restaurants, Urgent Cares, Store Fronts, Office Buildings, you name it, we can provide the engineering design including civil engineering, structural engineering, MEP engineering and fire protection as seen here at this Shula burger.

Residential Engineering Design


We are here to make dream homes become a reality with our premium engineered permit/construction design plans!


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Our forensics structural engineering reports help recover our clients millions of dollars back!


Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

We are here to help specializing in engineering restoration designs to bring the building back to its former glory or even better after water, leak, fire, soil settlement, sinkhole, car crash, etc.!

Meet the Managing Team

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

Alexander Hoffman E.I.

Alexander Hoffman is a USF Civil Engineering Graduate who specialized in Structural Engineering. In Alex's spare time, he likes to lift weights, run, cycle, fish, and hunt when permitting. Alex's work experience includes High school and college internships before working at Advanced Engineering Consultants. At Harris, he documented/designed Federal Aviation Association (FFA) microwave communication sites, electrical layouts, and wiring diagrams worldwide. At Certon, he worked on high and low-level documentation for aerospace programming certification.


  • Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout
  • 800m High School Record Holder
  • Cross County Team State Champion
  • Track and Feild Team State Champion
  • USF D1 Collegiate Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track Athlete
  • USF, 800m All-Time Top 5 Record Board
  • Top 100 Leaders in Real Estate & Construction Award

Contact Info:
Phone: (813) 444-7037
Email ID: ahoffman@advanced-engineers.com

Michael Hoffman P.E.

Michael Hoffman P.E. is the principal licensed professional engineer at Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC. A Louisiana State University, 1983 engineering graduate with 36 years of experience in various companies and industries ranging from structural, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering, he brings a depth and breadth of experience in creating a company culture of engineering excellence for the ultimate benefit of the client.