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Ready to move into your dream home designed just for you and your family? Advanced Engineering works with amazing Architects and Contractors to turn your dreams into reality.

Home Addition & Renovation Tampa Engineering Design

Is your home in the perfect location but needs a change? Let's work together to redesign portions of the home to the way you wish they were. Even better, add the room you've always been missing.

Structural Inspections

Concerned about cracks on a home you own or looking to buy? We can give you the reassurance you need or direction to fix it correctly with our advanced inspection methods.

Permit Close-Outs

Buying or selling a home and have an open permit? Advanced Engineering provides an engineering inspection report that will close the permit out. Allowing you to move forward with your next move.

Design-Build Project Management

New too Developing, don't know where to start, or tired of the hassle? Dealing with ~9+ different companies can be time-consuming and stressful! Here at Advanced Engineering Consultants, we manage the project and be there every step of ensuring that while you're enjoying the freedom, you deserve you'll have peace of mind it is being done with high quality.

Construction Quality Control

Nothing is worse than having headaches from construction errors when building your dream home. Get a team of Engineering experts to monitor the construction process and support the Contractors in the field to ensure your project is on time and done correctly.

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Waterfront estates take an extra level of engineering to ensure the building is correctly designed for a high-velocity wind zone, preventing erosion and flooding. Structural engineering in these areas is imperative to prevent any miss haps with flooding or hurricanes.

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This home took into great consideration of the wooded land behind the home, which barricades the golf course. The approach was to provide front porches and back balconies to provide the family a great view. The structural engineering in a two-story home with many unique designs has to be done correctly not to break the budget during construction.

Residential Tampa Engineering Permit Construction Documents

Advanced Engineering Consultants Strives to Provide developers with high quality engineering plans such as this 96 unit quad plex development. Our investors and developers have piece of mind when working with us knowing the project will be done timely with high quality saving them money in construction

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Advanced Engineering Consultants also specializes in Forensics Engineering Investigations, Studies, Inspection, Insurance Reports, Permit Close-Outs, Sink Hole Inspections, and expert witness in legal cases. These Services Include Structural Inspections, Wall Crack Inspections, Foundation Inspections, Roof Inspections, Civil Inspections, Mechanical Inspections, and Electrical Inspections. In the Construction Phase, Advanced Engineering Provides Construction Engineering Inspections, General Contractor Field Support, and Construction Management to Insure the Home Owner Get the Quality they Deserve.

We are proud to have served all of Florida since 2008. On the West Coast, we have worked in Tampa, Clearwater, St.Petersburg, St.Pete, Sarasota, Venice, Sanibel, Pasco County, Hillsborough Pinellas County. In Central Florida, we have provided Services to Lake Land, Orlando, Orange County, and surrounding areas. Many of our projects have been built on the West Coast in Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, and Miami.


Here is a 17 building apartment complex that we provided a full gamut of engineer services for in Melbourne Florida. This was a 4 phase project which the client enjoyed our services and kept coming back for more.

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC


On this single story home we were given hand sketchs from the client to put his vision into reality for a high quality home design. Even though we are Tampa Engineering we provide services throughout Florida and other states. This home is location in Sebastion FL


Structural engineering can either break or make a budget. Advanced engineering consultants specialize in making the impossible possible. Such as this two-story and back porch addition. This project we partnered up with one of our many trusted contractors

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

soho custom home

This single family custom home showcases a unquie vaulted ceiling for the front and back porches that continue inwards to the foyer, kitchen and living room for a grand feeling with tall ceilings.



A three-story wood-framed home has to consider hurricane wind forces requiring specifically structural designed details required for receiving a building permit.

Shear walls and uplift are designed for strength while keeping our customer's budgets in mind. When you Advanced Engineering, you get the most advanced engineering team which produces the highest quality of Florida and Tampa Engineering Construction Documents

All of our custom homes come with a full high-quality Mechanical engineering design to ensure that the residences have high air quality throughout the home.

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC
Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

Tampa Engineering BALCONY ADDITION

No project is too small for Advanced Engineering Consultants. We complete residential additions, home remodeling, and renovations regularly, giving our clients a new feel to their homes. Many times structural engineering is needed to get the look and feel that our clients are looking for.