Civil Engineering

Florida Civil Engineering in melbourne florida. Land development and rezoning in the tampa bay area

Florida Civil Engineering Consulting Services

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC provides comprehensive civil engineering consulting services. We are pleased to offer our services for both residential and commercial clients. Our staff of Engineers look forward to consulting with you on your upcoming land development civil engineering project.

What We Do

We work directly with our clients to get their projects off the ground. Our Florida Civil Engineering consulting includes the following processes:

  • Consult with Clients on Intended Design and Best Uses for Their Property
  • Analyze and Inspect the Feasibility of the Design with a Due-Diligence Report
  • Master Site Plan Design
  • Rezoning of Properties Including Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Construction Documents for Zoning and Planning Department. Including but not limited to Erosion Control, Grading, Drainage, Utilities, Site Lighting, Photometrics, Vehicle Traffic Sweeps, Profiles, Parking, Landscaping, Construction Details, and Stormwater Plans.
  • Construction Administration during the Horizontal Construction Phase

At every stage of your project, we're right there beside you, ensuring perfection in every detail. We believe in continuous, open, and transparent communication, keeping you in the loop about our progress and the upcoming milestones. By regularly inspecting and visiting the site, we guarantee that no facet goes overlooked.

Our approach to every project is characterized by unwavering precision, steadfast determination, and unparalleled quality. With us, excellence isn't just a promise—it's a guarantee.


Mixed use planned development community design with master site planning and civil engineering design in tampa florida
Birds Eye View Site Plan - 5 story multifamily development

high quality site plans

Every successful land development project begins with a clear and comprehensive site plan. This plan serves as the foundation, capturing the entirety of the land area, showcasing existing structures, landscapes, and charting out proposed constructions and amenities. Think of it as the compass guiding you to realize your project vision.

At Advanced Engineering Consultants, we specialize in crafting meticulous site plans for both commercial and residential developments. With us, every detail is crucial, ensuring a seamless transition from paper to reality. Let us be the guiding hand in bringing your vision to life, detail by detail.

Advanced Engineering is proud to say that we offer the following Civil Engineering Services:

  • Civil Due Diligence Reports
  • Rezoning Services
  • Site Plan Development
  • Landscape & Irrigation Design
  • Drainage/Stormwater Plans
Site Plan - Multifamily Development

environmental engineering

At Advanced Engineering Consultants, we design with the environment in mind. During our site plan development process, we employ advanced stormwater analysis using the specialized software. This powerful tool allows us to formulate an efficient stormwater retention strategy, ensuring not only that every square foot of your project serves a purpose but also that it contributes positively to the environment. With AEC, you get designs that are both innovative and eco-conscious.


Functional and Eye-Pleasing Retetion Ponds
Colorized Site Plan - Commercial Development

Why Choose Us

We maintain a professional and friendly relationship with our clients. When you reach out to us, you speak directly with one of our engineers who knows and understands the industry.

We are focused on delivering top-quality customer service, responsive communication, and high-quality designs. Because we are a comprehensive engineering company, we can significantly reduce coordination and other mistakes while developing and implementing your project.

To get in touch with a committed and skilled company providing Florida Civil Engineering consulting services in Tampa, FL, call our team at (321) 794-6465.