Forensic Engineering Consulting

Permit Close Out

Buying or selling a home and have an open permit? Advanced Engineering provides an engineering inspection report that will close the permit out. Allowing you to move forward with your next move.

Engineering Investigation Inspections & Reports

Is a building you own or looking to purchase in a distressed state? The engineering experts at Advanced Engineering will gather all the data at the site and track down any issues with the building rooting back to the cause. The gathered data will be evaluated and documented into a clear and concise engineering report that can reassure you of the need or direction to fix it correctly.

Insurance Claims

Determining and documenting the root cause of a problem can be tricky. Leave it to the experts at Advanced Engineering to Provide you a signed and sealed professional engineering report documenting the findings. To determine who is responsible for the damages.

Expert Witness / Litigation Support

Still, having issues of whose paying to repair the damages? We are here to support you with our Engineering Expertise. The math won't lie, and our team's analysis and reports are thorough.

Restoration Design

Don't leave the building in a distressed state. Allow us to develop a high-quality, cost-effective design that will bring the building back to its former glory that will last.


500,000 sqft Mall Forensic Study

This mall in Brevard County, Florida, had damage throughout the whole mall. Our engineering investigation and report helped close an Insurance claim to determine who was responsible for the damages. Our client ended up saving millions from our attention to detail and well-written engineering report/analysis.

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

Hurricane Roof Damage

Project Description Coming Soon

Forensic Engineering Consulting in Clearwater, FL

Advanced Engineering Consultants Forensic Engineering Team is Trained to Document and Report by being Extremely Detailed at the Site Inspection. By doing this, Our High-Quality Reports Provide the Engineering Investigation Findings, Root Cause of the Problem, and the Best Solution to move forward. These High-Quality Standards are used in Engineering Studies, Engineering Inspections, Engineering Insurance Reports, Permit Close-Outs, Sink Hole Inspections, and Expert Witness Cases.

Advanced Engineering Consultations is a Full-Service Engineering Firm ready to tackle any Structural Inspection, Wall Crack Inspection, Foundation Inspection, Roof Inspection, Civil Inspection, Mechanical Inspection, or Electrical Inspection. We are proud to have served all of Florida since 2008. On the West Coast, we have worked in Tampa, Clearwater, St.Petersburg, St.Pete, Sarasota, Venice, Sanibel, Pasco County, Hillsborough Pinellas County. In Central Florida, we have provided Services to Lake Land, Orlando, Orange County, and surrounding areas. Many of our projects have been built on the West Coast in Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, and Miami.