Electrical Engineering


As you plan a construction project for a new home, apartment complex, or commercial building, the electrical components are an important item to consider. The right electrical plan can ensure a building is safe, up to code, and well-lit, while a poorly designed plan can cause ongoing problems for a building.

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC offers experienced and effective electrical engineering services in the Tampa, FL, area. No matter what project you’re working on, you can benefit from our services and planning.

What Do We Do?

In a well-designed building, all you have to do is flip a switch to enjoy safe lighting and electrical features. However, a lot goes into the planning of electrical components. When you work with us, we make plans for:

  • Electrical power: We design the setup of wires, connections, breakers, and panels to ensure electrical outlets and lights have safe and direct access to electricity.
  • Lighting: From where light fixtures should be placed to how many a room needs, we design lighting features down to the last detail to keep your home or commercial property bright.
  • Electrical load: Too many electrical features on one breaker can quickly lead to an overload. This could cause frequent blackouts or even fire hazards. We calculate the electrical load to ensure your building is safe. We also take heating and cooling into our considerations.

On top of our plans, we design electrical panels and handle the paperwork for electrical designs. You can rely on us to handle any permits or energy compliance forms the project needs. We know exactly what an electrical design needs, and we’ll plan and design everything for it quickly and effectively.

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Our experience in engineering offers you a variety of services to choose from. Whether you need our electrical engineering services or a consultation for structural design, we are here to help.

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